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Tyler Rousey (2014)

2014 Dick Mayo Allen Award Presented

Tyler Rousey

Congratulations 2014 Dick Mayo Allen Scholarship winner Tyler Rousey! The $250 Friends-funded award is presented annually to a library student employee who demonstrates excellent work ethic and dedication.  “This award recognizes outstanding student employees who are also role models.  It allows us to show our appreciation and give our students a recognizable level of excellence to work toward,” says Jeremy Turner, Library Student Supervisors Committee Chair.

Tyler's favorite part about working for EKU Libraries? "...the people I work with. They all seem to really enjoy working here and that makes for a great environment." 

When asked why he chose EKU, he explained, "My mom, aunt and uncle are all graduates of EKU so I guess you could say it's a 'Family Tradition.' When I knew I wanted to teach, there was only one place for me...EKU. The Education program is the best by far. The faculty in the History Department are great! The campus has a small town feel to it and the class size is perfect."

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