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About Us

EKU Libraries Strategic Plan 2015-2020


Eastern Kentucky University Libraries will be creative, engaging, learning environments and will invest in resources, services, and practices that anticipate the evolving needs of our diverse community of users to ensure their success.


Eastern Kentucky University Libraries inspire our learners and scholars to achieve academic excellence by creating learning environments built on faculty and staff expertise and curated collections.

Goal 1: Service Excellence

  • Strategic Direction 1.1: Optimize discovery of library collections and university scholarship
  • Strategic Direction 1.2: Develop and implement new framework for outreach to faculty
  • Strategic Direction 1.3: Support campus wide academic initiatives

Goal 2: Operational Excellence

  • Strategic Direction 2.1: Communicate strategically and consistently to advocate, educate, and promote the role of EKU Libraries in the academic life of our community.
  • Strategic Direction 2.2: Develop a culture of purposeful and continuous assessment
  • Strategic Direction 2.3: Strengthen library operations

Goal 3: Resource Optimization

  • Strategic Direction 3.1: Create purposefully designed physical and virtual spaces conducive to learning and creativity that are preferred by our users and responsive to their needs
  • Strategic Direction 3.2: Provide access to collections that are central to the success of our university community
  • Strategic Direction 3.3: Develop EKU Libraries' fundraising practices to achieve the infrastructure necessary to support EKU's capital campaign and sustained financial flexibility